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With over two decades of experience, Marcus Johnson is a trusted leader in providing personalised and strategic services in the fields of compulsory property acquisitions, dispute resolution, commercial property, and estate administration.


Marcus Johnson is a highly accomplished and a uniquely qualified legal professional. His background and experience make him well-positioned to tackle complex and challenging legal matters on behalf of his clients. Clients can therefore take comfort in knowing that their legal issues will receive the quality, senior level attention that they deserve. For further information on Marcus’ qualifications, please click here.

Client-Focused Solutions

Integrity, passion and a persistent strive for the best results for clients are the hallmarks that make Marcus Johnson Legal a trusted leader in Brisbane for property resumptions law, property law, commercial litigation, estate administration and land valuation law. Through close collaboration and taking a personalised approach towards everything we do, we not only develop tailored legal solutions to overcome obstacles, and challenges, but we ensure that we are there with you every step of the way.

Flexible and Value-Driven

At Marcus Johnson Legal, things are done differently. Our cost-effective systems and low overheads enable us to offer efficient pricing and fee structures that work for our clients. We understand that legal problems can be costly and disruptive. We are therefore dedicated to providing flexible support and resources to our clients to ensure that the entire process is as seamless and economical as possible. From the traditional to the unique, we aggressively and intelligently pursue winning results without running up high fees.

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