Land Valuation Law

In Queensland, the Valuer-General, an independent head of the State Valuation Services (of the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) assesses properties to determine their site value. These valuations are then used for the purposes of calculating local government rates, rents and State leasehold land and State land tax.

You as a land owner, have the right to challenge the assessment of the Valuer-General, if you are dissatisfied with the site value or unimproved value of your land. Where value assigned to a property is, for example, higher than it should be, a successful challenge can save thousands of dollars in extra costs in rates and land tax for the property owner.

There are certain elements that must be met in order to file a Notice of Objection. We, at Marcus Johnson Legal, will work closely with you to assess your case, in collaboration with a property valuer, to determine your prospects of a successful challenge. Where your Notice of Objective has been recently dismissed, you may still have the ability to appeal the decision to the Land Court. As there are strict time limits that apply, please contact us immediately so we can review your case as soon as possible.

Having spent over two decades as a property valuer himself, Marcus Johnson has a comprehensive understanding of both land valuation law and the factors which determine a property’s value.

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