Dispute Resolution and
Commercial Litigation

Marcus Johnson Legal delivers tactical legal solutions and practical dispute resolution to clients for a wide range of business disputes.

Conflicts arising in a business setting can be disruptive and expensive. That is why we are committed to zealously advocate for the rights of our clients by not just providing professionally tailored and pragmatic legal advice, but by also ensuring that this is done so in a cost-effective manner.

We guide clients through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and commercial litigation processes, and act for individuals, businesses and corporations across various industries in a range of commercial matters. Further, we also have experience representing clients across most jurisdictions.

Principal Marcus Johnson’s determination has seen him successfully represent a client in the High Court of Australia, where a private company invested their life savings into a commercial property, only to have its value plummet following the construction of a nearby shopping centre. Marcus was successful in obtaining an appropriate award of damages to recover the client's losses associated with the purchase of the property. An outcome greatly appreciated by his client. This case can be viewed here

We regularly assist clients with a range of business conflicts and disputes including:

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